The Formal Course Review Process

Review Team

A formal QM Review is conducted by a 3-person peer review team composed of the following roles:

  • Master Reviewer serving as the “Team Chair”
  • Subject Matter Expert (SME)
  • External Peer Reviewer

All reviewers must be Certified Peer Reviewers and a single team member might perform multiple roles; for example, one could serve as both the SME and the External Reviewer.

Basic Review Process

A simplified overview of the course review process, which typically lasts about three weeks:

  • Instructor completes “Course Worksheet’ and provides access to online course materials.
  • Review team meets and then independently applies the QM Rubric using the Course Review System.
  • Course reviews are submitted and final report generated for reviewers and instructor.
  • If the course scores 85 points or higher (and meets all 3-point Standards), course is listed in QM database and can display the QM logo. Instructor should still review recommendations!
  • If the course does not meet expectations, the instructor has 20 weeks to work on revisions which are reviewed by the Team Chair.

More information on preparing for a review: